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Current Status

IrcFS is currently at the pre-alpha stage. What this means is, it isn't vaporware 1 , but it still isn't at a usable level.

Module Status:

For more up-to-date information, see the task page at sourceforge.

Meaning of coloured balls.

Done Work Completed. At usable stage for next few milestones
WIP Work In Progress
Done Work Needed
Done Not started. Not needed for awhile

Module Status

Module Due By Status
Done Socket M1 At a usable and functional level. (TCP only)
N/A Main M3 Partically non-existant, but very little work is needed in it anyway. Calls console to do most of the work.
Done Appconfig M2 Basic functionality working.
Work Needed Server M3 Functional. Usable. Need to setup more handlers for various events.
Done Channel M3 Functional. Shouldn't require much more work.
Work Needed User M3 Functional. Needs to be checked over if handles different events correctly
Done File Core M1 Done.
Done Unix File System M5 Usable, only missing file extended attribute support which isn't needed for awhile
In Progress FServ M3 In Progress
In Progress Session M3 In Progress
Done DCC Chat M1 Done
Done DCC File M1 Working, though no resume support
N/A Accounts M5 Non existant
Done CTCP M1 Done.
Work Needed Console M3 Always work needed. Currently a debugging interface, in future to be a status window, using ncurses.


IRCfs is expected to be at a usable level when we reach Milestone 3. Please see the Milestone Document at the Documentation Archieve on the SourceForge IRCfs Project Page for more information.

Milestone Status Brief Description
Done M1 Done Basic IRC Client (prealpha)
Done M2 Done Config subsystem
In Progress M3 In Progress Basic FServ (alpha release)
Not started M4 N/A Fix memory problems (see doc/memprob.txt)
Not started M5 N/A Module Support
Not started M6 N/A Basic Ratio FServ
Not started M7 N/A Working. Beta Release.
Not started M7 N/A Future stuff. Stable release, unstable created

  • 1 - Vaporware is a product that is still just an idea, usually little or no code has been done.