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Put simply, IrcFS is a standalone IRC FileServer 1 .

There are many many IRC FileServers (or fservs) out there, but what makes this one significant is it's standalone. Most fservs require a pariticular IRC client, such as mIRC. IrcFS requires no such program, it runs on its own, by itself. IrcFS is also, to the best of my knowledge the only Open Source standalone fserv available. (I know of one other project, but I believe that it currently only implements XDCC lists, which is very different to a fserv).

Planned Features

IrcFS will become a fully featured IRC FileServer. Basically, any features of FileServs out there, I hope to implement in IrcFS. However, there are some basic features that I'll outline here, in no particular order.

  • Full user accounts, with a full history of sends, recieves, etc.
  • Per-User Send Queues, with the ability to add/move/del entries in it.
  • Smart Anti-Flood protection - Use send buffers to not flood the IRC server.
  • Statistics on each file avalible. (Up/Down counts, last access, descriptions, etc).
  • Advanced duplicate file checking.
  • Multiple Ratio options.
  • Support for fservs based on different types of filesystems. (eg DOS/Unix/MySQLdb)
  • Support for symlinks. (Its actually quite hard to follow symlinks, and still make sure you don't get lost in a self-referencing symlink). Ok, further thought on this makes it easy.
  • CD change request voting.
  • Talk-through mode. (The ability for the bot owner to connect to the program using an IRC client, and talk-through the bot.)

  • 1 - An IRC FileServer, (or FServ) is a method of sharing large ammounts of files via IRC. It works similar to an FTP server, except its totally text based, and done via DCC CHATs to the person.